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Casework for Commercial Applications

      Over the past 32 years, U. S. Millwork has continued to grow and prosper in the casework business.  Our industry insight and focus on quality has set us apart not only as a leader but also as a premier supplier to some of the most noted names in commercial construction.  Today, some 19 years after incorporating, U. S. Millwork employs professionals, each lending to the past and ongoing successes that the company has enjoyed.

      In 1978 our current owner/operator Rick Selvage decided to fulfill the ultimate dream of owning his own business.  Feeding on several years of experience in manufacturing cabinetry, Selvage Custom cabinetry was born.  At that time Rick landed one of his first projects with Royale Line Pizza.  Soon to follow were hospitals and other medical complexes.  While delivering solid products on time and getting mostly repeat business, Rick soon realized his potential as a leader of the commercial casework industry.  Rick soon shifted his focus from residential cabinetry to commercial casework.  Some 19 years later, Rick incorporated and formed U. S. Millwork, Inc. which produces millions of dollars in commercial casework each year.

Our History